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There are many reasons people start therapy, whether it be a particular issue or a general curiosity in oneself. Therapy is an opportunity to look at patterns that arise in our lives and relationships that can keep us feeling stuck. Oftentimes, what emerges in therapy mimics what occurs in our general lives, and therapy offers a safe space to explore these issues. Together, we will experiment to find new ways of thinking and interacting, often with old patterns.  Through awareness, compassion, and support change is possible.

I provide a non-judgmental space to have conversations full of care and collaboration, I believe the client is the expert on their own life and that my role is to get to know you and support you, not to analyze you and direct you. We will work together to uncover blockages that can inhibit you from living life as your most authentic self. 

I welcome you to start this journey of healing and reach out. 

*Note: during these unprecedented and particularly emotional and isolating times of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am holding sessions by video and phone. For new patients, we are able to start working together virtually and then can meet in person when this is over,  and it will eventually be over.

What I Specialize In


Relational Issues

Gestalt Therapy

Sex Therapy

Childhood Trauma

"We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to."

Brené Brown

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