Meet Kristen



I view therapy as a collaborative process between therapist and client, in which we work together to help you heal. I encourage clients to share their experience without judgement or censorship. I fiercely believe we all have a story to tell and a right to be listened to.

As a psychodynamic relational therapist, I pay special attention to the past and how it shows itself in the present. I also draw attention to your body's experience, as it can tell a different story than your mind. By working with both mind and body, we can begin to create a comprehensive story of your lived experience. I aim to make a deep connection with patients and use our relationship as a safe place to explore difficult patterns and memories. 


I practice from a trauma-informed framework, in which I encourage the empowerment of my clients. Your sense of agency is important to me. We will work at your pace and tackle issues as they emerge, together.

My areas of expertise include childhood trauma and neglect, depression, sexuality including kink and polyamory, and relationship issues. I am an anti-racist, body positive, pro sex work, queer and trans affirming therapist. 


"Therapy is a place where the thoughts and feelings that so frequently get pushed away can linger a little while longer." 
Dana Sinopoli, PsyD