Meet Kristen


I believe therapy is an act of self-discovery through the relationship between therapist and client. I view therapy as a collaborative process between the two of us, in which we work together to help you heal.

Hardships happen to us all, and often times these hardships can take away our sense of self and feeling "okay" in the world. It can leave us feeling like we don't know who we are now and wondering if we will ever get back to feeling like ourselves." I am here to tell you that with compassion, trust, and hard-work, it is very possible.

 As a relational therapy specialist, I sit with my clients in the dark memories and feelings many often learned to avoid out of necessity.  It is the act of shining a loving light on these "hidden" parts of us that ultimately leads us to healing. It is said we can only meet others as deeply as we have met ourselves, and I have met myself deeply.  I like to work with clients who are seeking to find themselves again after their wounds and who are eager to do the work. 

We will explore various aspects of how you have been coping in your body, mind and spirit using a variety of modalities. A typical session with me could including talk-therapy, art, play and movement. The body often tells a different story than the mind, and each deserve to be listened to. It is through working with the mind, body, and soul, that allows for healing to occur.

I also enjoy working with clients struggling with sexuality and gender. Society has created a small box of what sexuality can encompass, and the box is simply not big enough to hold the complexities that is sexuality. Whether it be feeling uncomfortable in your sexuality, compulsive sexual behavior, pain and discomfort, "alternative" sexual preferences, or simply figuring your preferences out, I provide a safe and non-judgmental space to explore.