Meet Kristen



I believe therapy is an act of self-discovery through the relationship between therapist and client. I view therapy as a collaborative process between the two of us, in which we work together to help you heal.

As a relational therapist, I sit with my clients in the dark memories and feelings many often learned to avoid out of necessity. 

Together, we will explore various aspects of how you have been coping in your body, mind and spirit using a variety of modalities. The body often tells a different story than the mind, and each deserve to be listened to. 

My training and background is psychodynamic, Gestalt, somatic (body-oriented), relational, and feminist, which all keep in mind that our environment shapes our personhood and our identities. We will explore personal factors, as well as environmental factors that effect us like society, culture, and social location. I am a kink-friendly, pro-sex work, fat-positive therapist.


I practice from a trauma sensitive lens, in which I encourage the empowerment of my clients, meaning that we will work at your pace and you will choose what to disclose to me and when. Your sense of agency is important to me.