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Meet Kristen



We all have a story to tell and the need to be listened to.

I am a psychotherapist who helps individuals across the adult lifespan who are dedicated to their healing. Clients are encouraged to share their experience without judgement or censorship. In session, I am warm, attentive, and a good balance of gentle and a needed push. I do the deep dive into difficult emotions we often choose to, or have to, ignore in order to survive. I have been acknowledged for my authenticity in sessions, and have been told my humor is well placed and appreciated. While therapy is hard work, it is also a place to play. We will talk, we will feel, and we will likely laugh along the way.

My areas of expertise include childhood trauma and neglect, depression, issues with self-esteem and self-worth, and relational concerns. I am an anti-racist, body affirming, sex and sex work positive therapist. 

I have completed an intensive three year post-graduate Gestalt therapy training program and am a Certified Gestalt Therapist. I combine psychodynamic and Gestalt theory to provide a comprehensive healing of both past and present. While we talk about events, we will pay special attention to what is happening in your body in the here and now.

When I am not at the office, you can find me pole dancing and working with horses. I have both written and been interviewed about the benefits of pole dancing for mental health, and I will soon be pursuing training in Equine-Assisted Therapy. Both of these hobbies support my ever-deepening interest in the connection of mind, body and soul.

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