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Psychotherapy is a process of self discovery that happens through conversation.  Through the recounting and sharing of life experiences, a person may gradually come to understand themselves more fully as they explore and reflect upon the meaning they have made of those experiences. The conclusions we come to can be distorted and can lead to false core beliefs that we adhere to and repeat that get stored in the unconscious. Carl Jung wrote "until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” These unconscious beliefs are the driving force of your life. By making the unconscious conscious, you can take back control of your life.

Psychotherapy as a Process

Within the unconscious mind, behaviors and reactions will be repeated yet remain outside of our awareness of their existence, causing pain and dissatisfaction, often leading to symptoms being expressed.  Psychotherapy, as a process of self reflection, is a method to come to a greater understanding of these false core beliefs and to heal them over time.  As we unravel and release these unhealed wounds, we relieve the pressure and the suffering it causes.  This process naturally leads to more self confidence in our ability to cope with the events of our past and present lives, as well as new ways of approaching relationships and challenges we face. Sessions are held weekly for 45 minutes. Weekly sessions are imperative to the treatment as it allows for a consistent and safe container to be built between us. I prefer to work with clients for longer periods of time, when possible, because of the growth that can happen from this deeper level of work.


I specialize in treating adults who have experienced relational misattunement and trauma in childhood, depression, PTSD, or symptoms over-giving, low self-esteem, poor boundaries and relational difficulties. I hold a 3 year intensive post-graduate certification in Gestalt therapy. I bring a holistic view and approaches treatment through encouraging awareness of mind, body, and soul.

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